Wednesday, April 09, 2008

UTA Front Runner Train testing near downtown.

On Monday my brand new Nikon D60 camera arrived by way of the big brown truck (and that is a story in itself), so today I decided to go out and get some pictures with it.

Here is the first picture taken with the new camera (except for a couple of practice ones). One of the new Front Runner trains is coming around the bend just north of 200 South as it approaches the intermodal depot.

I was lucky to capture a couple of the test trains today, not knowing when they would show up.

The rail cars are built by Bombardier and are currently being used in Seattle, the San Francisco bay area, Toronto, Vancouver BC, Los Angeles, and Miami. Some of the original ideas for the cars were first brought forth by two of my mentors so seeing here in operation is very special.

I have ridden the cars in Los Angeles and Miami and can tell you the ride is very comfortable even in Miami that uses a very utilitarian interior. I cannot wait for the opportunity to ride these on a semi-regular basis between Salt Lake City and Ogden.

While I didn't get any pictures today, it looks like they are finishing the final touches of the TRAX extension work.

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