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OK, despite the best efforts of our wonderful state legislators (yeah right) we will soon have several new light rail lines plus our commuter rail network running in the next 10 years. So what's next?

The 2015 network will gives us the basic framework of a good transportation system that will start making transit an alternative to the automobile for more of the population.

Today I will look at possible TRAX lines, in future entries I will go over possibilities for Streetcar and expanded bus service.

New TRAX lines and extensions:

-Davis/Weber County line

While FrontRunner provides high speed rail service through Davis County, the light rail line will provide trunk service having more stops and traveling through the heart of Davis county. While UTA has already talked about this route to Centerville, the route should continue to Farmington then via the US89 corridor to Weber State. From here it will make connections to the transit center.

Even though the route is close to FrontRunner, it will provide more frequent stations, and service markets that will not be served by Front Runner.

-Utah County Extension of the Draper Line.

This line should continue to be expanded until it reaches Provo. Yes, FrontRunner will be providing this service starting in a few years, but once again it is a higher speed, fewer stop service. Plus the TRAX line using the former Union Pacific pre-merger line will service the heart of several Utah County cities.

-The Interstate 215 line

This line will be the most expensive line built as it will require sections either being elevated or tunneled which runs substantially more than surface routes.

Like the name says it will generally follow Interstate 215. The route would connect with the University line at Wasatch and South Campus and could provide service both the Medical Center and Downtown then operate via Wasatch, Foothill, I-215, 4500 South, 2700 South, 2100 South Expressway, and Bangerter Highway connecting up with Airport TRAX to service the Airport.

There is several alternatives to routing this line but there is several things this route would do:

-Connect most of the TRAX lines together
-Provide more convenient east-west travel along the south side of the valley
-Provide service to the eastside of the valley.
-Create new marketing dynamics

FrontRunner and TRAX will provide the trunk routes of the transit system. This network will increase ridership and bring in new revenue.

Next time I will go over the next category of the system which will be the streetcars.

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Daniel said...

Ya know they should put a TRAX line into Park CIty from the airport. The only problems are the speed and the snow+grade.