Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Skywalk in the news again...

The infamous skywalk for the City Creek project is once again making news. Apparently there is a couple of the city council members who are questioning why it is needed and the developer is doing what developers do best and saying "if you don't allow us to build it the entire project will be jeopardized".

We know were this leads. Just like when Smith's threatened to close the store in Sugarhouse if they couldn't build it the way they wanted to Smith's would close it. Well guess what, the city caved in and Smith's built a typical auto centric grocery store in a walkable neighborhood. Now people walking to the store risk their lives trying to get into it without being hit by a car.

Now lets take a look at Melbourne, Australia. Downtown street, shopping on both sides, tram running down the street, pedestrians all around and no skywalks. So I guess shopping centers can be successful without skywalks.

Will the powers that be pay attention?

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