Monday, March 31, 2008

TRAX welcomed in West Jordan

West Jordan eager for TRAX

What a comparison between the NIMBY minority in Draper who is trying take TRAX away from the best route possible because they feel they are too go for it and the attitude in West Jordan.

Construction will soon start on the line out to Daybreak which will pass right through the heart of West Jordan.

A big project that West Jordan has been working on is the redevelopment of the shopping center at 7800 South and Redwood Road. The first place I lived in Salt Lake City was at the Southwillow Apts at 7000 South and even back in 1997 the shopping center at 7800 South was dying.

TRAX could give this center new life and if West Jordan allows it to develop properly could be one of the premier Transit Oriented Projects in the area. West Jordan will need to do some taming of the Redwood Superspeedway in the section of it is to become a pedestrian friendly area, but it area does have lots of opportunities.

West Jordan could even do something really special and focus on locally owned retailers for the center and show that a center can focus and market toward local retailers and make a success out of it. However, that wold take not only strong leadership on the side of the city, it would also take a management team of the complex who can make it happen.

It is going to be an interesting 10 years in the Salt Lake Valley...

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Miranda said...

You should feature your services/products on the West-jordan community, classifieds section.