Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Articles...

Wow, I think we have seen more articles this week than in the last six months. Just points to lots happening in the area which is a good thing. By the way the picture show I took yesterday when I had a couple of hours downtown. I was lucky enough to get my first picture of a Front Runner train testing. Haven't had much luck in getting photographs of them yet.

FrontRunner will roll on April 26

Utah Transit Authority's FrontRunner to open next month

The Fine Print: Transportation fee increases again

UTA Says It Remains Committed to Bus Service

Some may want to respond to this article since Packard is already spewing his nonsense on it.

UTA seeks input on proposed TRAX line

Tammi Diaz from the Transit Riders Union has already responded to this one with more of the Transit Riders Union misinformation.

UTA pitches bus-TRAX combo

So far this looks pretty good.

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