Monday, March 10, 2008

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TRAX train Salt Lake City, Utah
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TRAX service interrupted by severed power cable

TRAX service interrupted

For the second Monday morning in two weeks the overhead power wires for TRAX have been severed just south of Interstate 80. So what is happening here? One time may have been an accident but twice? UTA and others need to consider this an act of sabotage. After all this area gang infested and they could be involved.

It does appear that UTA is doing a better job of communication with this incident sending people to all the TRAX stations to inform what is happening.

Bluffdale may be forced to accept train-stop plan

Once again, while I think Bluffdale is being stupid and has their heads in the sand in not supporting a commuter train station--(will they try to stop the highway?), however the legislature should not be forcing them to take the station any more than the legislature telling Salt Lake that it cannot spend airport funds to help transportation to the airport.

With UTA, who needs an office?

While I am no fan of Lee Benson, he does do a very complimentary article about Wi-Fi on the 472 Express Buses.

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theorris said...

At least they got the word out this time, unlike previous the previous fiasco. The driver even announced it--which shocked me as I've never heard that happen before. Lucky for me I have multiple choices in re-routing. When I heard the announcement on the radio, I briefly considered driving, but then dismissed that notion.