Monday, March 24, 2008

State Street in Utah County to be Expanded

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State Street in Utah County in line for face-lift

Through part of Orem State Street is already 3 lanes in each direction and now UDOT is looking to expanded it to 3 lanes all the way to Pleasant Grove.

While drivers will be happy about the expansion, once again pedestrians will once again the planners will not even take pedestrians into account when expanding the road.

Anyone who has road the 850 State Street bus and then tried to cross the 7 lane wide State Street knows that you are taking your life into your hands when making the attempt. There is no pedestrian escape zones along the median so you must cross the entire 7 lanes in one traffic light circuit. Could that be one of the reason's why you see so few pedestrians on this road?

These seven lane semi super speedways are nothing but barriers dividing the two sides of the street. I am not saying don't build the road, but UDOT needs to do a better job of making these streets less of a barrier and more pedestrian friendly.

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