Thursday, March 06, 2008

Airport TRAX line...

Airport TRAX funds take twisty path

Well it looks like the funding for the airport TRAX line will happen despite the actions of our state legislature.

Once again Bramble showed his stupidity but saying that Airport funds should be used to help improve the airport. I hate the tell the guy this but giving people the freedom to choose how they get to the airport would be an improvement. But I guess Bramble only thinks its an improvement if it funds roads since a large amount of dollars have gone to improve the roads at the airport.

Instead part of the $10.00 fee for registering cars in the county will go this fund. Actually since that money can only go to highways, other money will replace this money and somehow fund TRAX.

In other words we take from here, give to this place, move this over here, and accomplish the same thing that could have been accomplished much easier if our state legislature would stop trying to control everything.

But there is good news, the legislature is out of session until next year...

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