Thursday, August 30, 2007

Airport TRAX controversy

Railroaded by train plan?

Apparently there is 12 houses along the right of way of 600 West. Some say that TRAX will increase crime but that seem disingenuous since this is area is already has a crime problem. In fact they would get a street that is in much better shape that it currently is since street work improvements even if they are not needed for the project usually get "added" in.

If it is built down 600 West the connection for the Intermodal Depot down 600 West and 400 South will be critical as it will allow for people to travel from the airport to hotels/motels along the Hotel/Motel Corridor.

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bbart said...

There is nothing wrong with have a Trax line running down your street, especially if your street is 600 west. What is wrong is having to have a viaduct in your front yard. For 600 w. to work they will have to build an overpass for trax to travel over the existing railroad tracks. To build the overpass they will have to change access to and from 600 west for the residents and the over pass will be in their front yards. 600 west in not a viable route for Trax. The only reason it is being considered now is because boyer is building a hotel on the corner of 400 west and North Temple and they don't want the trax to go in front of their hotel.

The North Temple overpass is slatted to be repaired in the next couple of years. Lets just stick to the original plan and place trax down 400 west to North Temple.