Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photos of my first trip on the new system...

Here is pictures I took from my trip on Monday on the new systems first "real" day.

Here is the 1995 Gillig Phantom bus I rode from 1300 East/Spring lane to the 7800 South TRAX station. As I mentioned the driver was not friendly at all. Apparently the 213 turns into the 525 when it reaches the station.

Next, here is a TRAX train at the Historic Sandy TRAX station. This was the train behind the one I rode.

Here is the Flextrans bus they are using for the F94. They did paint F94 Sandy Lift on the bus but next stop buzzers have not been installed yet. I told the one lady that they should take some lessons from Denver's Call N' Ride which is much more useful than the F94. However, I was impressed with the number of riders on the F94, but that could be because the 207 no longer serves the station and the 33 is gone.

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csc said...

JMD I appreciate the positive report on the F94. This is the second type of this service that is now in operation in UTA's service area. The other Route Deviation or Call N' Ride that UTA is operating in Brigham City.

The implementation of this route has not been as smooth as the Brigham City Route. The headway issue I think is very relavant to your concerns about conveneince. Long headways = Poor Service. That is something you and I agree on.