Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Ridership Crapola from UTA...

Counting riders bedevils UTA

Does anyone find it interesting that all this just happens to be coming out the week they make the big bus changes?

As I have stated before ridership numbers of meaningless. What really matters is revenue, load factors (something that UTA doesn't even figure out and would be hard until they start doing a better job of assigning buses), revenue per passenger mile, equipment utilization, etc.

Apparently they need ridership numbers for the national database--BIG DEAL and also for federal funds. Now since operating funding was eliminated years ago why do they need ridership numbers? Apparently for preventive maintenance funds. Makes no since at but if there is something that make less sense that the UTA its federal programs.

Oh well, tomorrow I will be out taking pictures of some of the lines that will be no more tomorrow.

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