Monday, August 06, 2007

Update on FrontRunner

UTA Welds Last Rail Between Salt Lake And Ogden

It looks like UTA is moving along with the FrontRunner project. The last time that I surveyed the line there was still many sections without rail so they are moving along quickly.

Here is a picture I took last November of a Metrolink train that I rode from the Anaheim station down to Irvine in Southern California. UTA will be using the same cars but different locomotives.

I have taken a few trips on Metrolink in the last year and have found the Bombardier cars to be extremely comfortable, smooth riding and quit for the most part. The seats are nice for short journeys (I would not want to ride on them for more than a couple of hours but for commuter trains their great).

In a few months we can ride the cars here!

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