Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photos of what we lost.....

Here are some pictures I took on Friday of routes that are no more and streets that have no or useless service.

Here is two photos of Route 44 at South Union and 1300 East heading toward downtown.

Here is a picture of Route 33 heading Southbound on 1300 East at about 7400 South. This routes cut can be directly contributed to the poor redesign done during the first TRAX line opening. Running this but all the way from 1300 East to TRAX was about the biggest blunder of the big blunders that UTA has done. Yet, UTA planners are not held accountable for this route's failure.

The last two are a couple of pictures of the late Route 32. OK, the route is now Fast Bus 307 but only runs peak hours only toward downtown in am and back in the pm. Plus a majority of the bus stops have been discontinued. In fact in the second picture you can see one of the bus stops that will no longer be used despite the bus turning at this point.

Tomorrow unless there is some earth shattering news I will post photos of yesterday's trip to Alta View.


csc said...

JMD I am interested in hearing your ideas on how to improve the transit system in Utah. I am a Strategic Planner with Utah Transit Authority and one of the people who was on the team that did the redesign of the system.

Over the last two weeks I was at the University of Utah, Valley Fair Mall, 200 S and State, During morning and middle of day times both before and after the implementation. I rode the new route 220 on Monday to the University of Utah to help answer questions.

I am no apologist for UTA. I have heard many positive comments about the redesign as well as some negative from the customers.

I have not been assigned by anyone at UTA to write this comment, I am doing it to gain meaningful insight into how to improve the process for future planning efforts.

Shadow Rider said...

I have a few comments for you "CSC"...I think there are some good and bad about the redesign.

My first issue is having to walk 2.5 miles from my house in Sandy just to get to Trax in the afternoon.

My second issue is the fullness of Trax on Bees gamedays and Jazz gamedays...why is there only two cars for these events? Yet somedays there are trains with 4 or 5 cars and nowhere near the capacity as a gameday? Plus it is such a hassle to try and get those people to move to let people on the train when it is full. I have never really understood why they don't have more cars for these events.