Monday, August 20, 2007

Broken Promise Land....

Remember the vote that was held in 2000? Not only was there to be a terrific expansion of TRAX service but also we were to see expanded bus service. If you will recall the UTA at the time showed the expansion of service over the next 20 years.

Well here we are at 7 years and what have we seen? The number of bus routes going down and starting next Sunday a severe cut in bus service (oh that's right, according to the UTA's propaganda machine its a reallocation of service).

Yet according to the map from 2000 we would see expansion of service including new service along 7200 South and 9000/9400 South, more transit centers, the new 6200 South bus traveling all the way to Cottonwood Corporate Center, extension of service along 5600 South, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Instead service is being cut to useless on 7200 South (Fort Union Blvd section), we have seen no transit centers, service along 9000/9400 south is a joke, the new 6200 route only services the westside, no extension of route 84 (sorry new route 54) to the east, etc, etc, etc.

So where is our expansion UTA?

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