Monday, March 22, 2010

UTA Board Meeting Wednesday

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PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Utah Transit Authority at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, in the Golden Spike Rooms at the Frontline Headquarters Building located at 669 West 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, with the following agenda.

1. Welcome.

- Larry Ellertson

2. Public Comment (10 Minutes).

- Larry Ellertson

(The Board of Trustees invites brief comments or questions from the public during regularly scheduled Board meetings. Please note, in order to be considerate of everyone attending the meeting and to more closely follow the published agenda times, public comments will be limited to two minutes per person per item. A spokesperson who has been asked by a group to summarize their comments may be allowed five minutes to speak.)

3. Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Utah Transit Authority Approving the Naming of Stations

-- Michelle Baguley

4. Transportation Report

-- Meghan Z. Holbrook

5. Honor Roll Nomination

-- Michelle Baguley

6. Chair’s Report

-- Larry Ellertson

7. General Manager’s Report.

- John M. Inglish

a. Safety Report

8. General Counsel’s Report.

– Bruce T. Jones

9. Closed Session.

a. Strategy Session to Discuss the Purchase, Exchange or Lease of Real Property when Public Discussion would Prevent the Public Body from Completing the Transaction on the Best Possible Terms.

b. Strategy Session to Discuss the Character, Professional Competence, or Physical or Mental HHHealth of an Individual.

c. Strategy Sessions to Discuss Collective Bargaining.

d. Strategy Session to Discuss On-going and/or Potential Litigation.

10. Action Taken Regarding Matters Discussed in Closed Session.

– Larry Ellertson

11. Other Business.

12. Consent.

a. Approval of Revised Financial Statements of December 31, 2009.

b. Approval of Minutes of Board Meeting of February 24, 2010.

13. Adjournment.

The Board Mission Statement

Utah Transit Authority strengthens and connects communities thereby enabling individuals to pursue a fuller life with greater ease and convenience by leading through partnering, planning, and wise investment of physical, economic, and human resources.

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