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Front Runner Construction Update

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Construction is progressing on UTA’s FrontRunner South Provo to Salt Lake Commuter Rail line.

Below is the FrontRunner South construction update March 27 – April 2. To learn more about the FrontRunner South project, click here.

Visit to see more FrontRunner South construction photos.

Area 16 — Downtown Salt Lake City to 4500 South (Murray)

Construction Activity:

There are no construction activities to report.

Traffic Impacts:

There are currently no impacts to motorists in this area.

Central Avenue has reopened until crews resume work on the bridge walls.

Salt Lake Central Station:

Station complete.

Area 15 — 4500 South (Murray) to Wasatch Street/8000 South (Midvale)

Construction Activity:

At the 5300 South bridge, crews will be driving H-pile at the north abutment and tying in a conduit near the bridge.

Work on handrails, deck plates and shear keys continues at the I-215 westbound bridge. They will also be constructing a cheek wall and a crash cushion and barrier. At the 7200 South bridge, crews will continue work on a retaining wall at the south abutment and begin work again on the south abutment.

Traffic Impacts:

There will be a lane closure on I-215 westbound on Thursday night from 10:00 until 2:00 a.m. on Friday.

Murray Station:

There are no construction activities to report.

Area 14 — Wasatch Street/8000 South (Midvale) to 14600 South (Bluffdale)

Construction Activity:

Progress continues behind Salt Lake Community College’s Miller Campus at 9800 South as crews construct a bridge that flies over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. This is the area where FrontRunner will move from the east side to the west side of the tracks.

Between 9000 South and 9400 South, crews will install temporary fencing and clear and grub the corridor, and at 9400 South crews will relocate a storm drain. At the flyover bridge, crews will be setting girders, and, between 114000 South and 123000 South, crews will clear and grub the corridor. At Corner Canyon, Armor Flex block installation continues and crews will also be installing reinforced concrete pipe in the area. At the Bangerter Highway bridge, crews will install sheet pile at the south abutments, drive pile at one of the bridge piers and work on the column for another of the piers.

Traffic Impacts:

There will be a westbound lane drop on 9400 South all week.

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday on Bangerter Highway there will be left lane closures on both the westbound and eastbound sides. There will be a left lane closure on Tuesday on the westbound side and a right lane closure on Friday on the eastbound side.

South Jordan Station:

Lightweight fill for the flyover bridge construction is being stored at the site of the future South Jordan park and ride lot.

There are no construction activities to report.

Draper Future Station:

There are no construction activities to report.

Area 13 — 14600 South (Bluffdale) to Thanksgiving Point (Lehi)

Construction Activity:

South of the 146th South bridge, crews will continue retaining wall work, sub grade prep and slope finishes. They will also be setting a gate and installing fence at the bridge over the Jordan and Salt Lake Canal. Crews will be setting girders and installing hand rail and shear keys at the Jordan River bridge. At the South Jordan Canal multi plate structure, crews will continue work on membrane installation, steps, a well house pad and retaining wall. They will also continue backfilling at the structure and fencing at the wall constructed near this structure. Also in the area, crews will prepare the sub grade and balance Union Pacific’s sub grade.

Traffic Impacts:

There are currently no impacts to motorists in this area.

Area 12 — Thanksgiving Point (Lehi) to Main Street (American Fork)

Construction Activity:

At the 2300 West bridge, crews will be forming and pouring concrete for the north abutment footing. Retaining wall work also continues in the area.

The 2100 North bridge in Lehi will consist of two abutments on each end of the bridge and five center piers with the piers being numbered 1 through 5, for this publication, starting at the southern end of the bridge. Crews will continue to drive H-pile at pier #4 and begin work on the footing. They will also be working on the north abutment.

Excavation and stabilization work for a retaining wall will continue between 2100 North and 1500 North. Crews will also be relocating irrigation systems in this area. Between 1500 North and 1220 North, crews will continue work on a concrete irrigation ditch. Between 900 North and Main Street crews will continue placing surcharge for structures in the area.

Traffic Impacts:

In Lehi at 500 West 300 North there will be truck traffic with flaggers all week.

Lehi Station:

A portion of the Lehi Station Park and Ride Lot is now open for public use.

There are no construction activities to report at the station site.

Area 11 — Main Street (American Fork) to University Parkway (Orem)

Construction Activity:

Between Storrs Avenue and 200 South crews will clean up ditches, and between 1500 South and 600 South crews will surface, line and dress the track. Clearing and grubbing and track way embankment work will take place between Vineyard Road and Geneva Road.

Traffic Impacts:

There will be truck traffic with flaggers at 1600 North in Vineyard this week.

American Fork Station:

Paving operations continue and curb and gutter work will begin in the Park and Ride Lot. Crews will also be backfilling in the area.

Vineyard Future Station:

There are no construction activities to report.

Orem Station:

Crews will continue to backfill at the station site.

Area 10 — University Parkway (Orem) to Center Street (Provo)

Construction Activity:

Significant progress has been made in Area 10 along the Union Pacific Railroad corridor between University Parkway in Orem and Freedom Boulevard in Provo. Crews have prepared a path for FrontRunner by grading and clearing the right-of-way and relocating water lines. Drainage and irrigation installations are generally complete in this area, and main line earthwork has been finalized from University Parkway to 2000 South in Orem and from the Provo River bridge to 500 West in Provo. At-grade crossing improvements have also been completed at 900 West, 700 West, 500 West and Freedom Boulevard.

In Orem crews will continue installation of soil nails and shotcrete at the wall near University Parkway. Crews will also be boring at University Parkway.

In Provo, track way stabilization continues between 700 West and 600 West as well as sub grade prep and ballast placement. Between Freedom Boulevard and 600 West crews will also be prepping the sub grade and placing sub ballast. The demolition of a house near Freedom Boulevard and 600 South continues this week as does work on a crash wall south of University Avenue.

Traffic Impacts:

There will be truck traffic with flaggers all week at Geneva Road in Orem.

At Freedom Boulevard and 500 West in Provo there will be truck traffic with flaggers.

Provo Station:

Crews will continue to lay out electrical conduits at the station site this week and also place an edge form.

Thanks again for your interest in the FrontRunner South project. If you have construction-related questions,
please call our 24-hour construction hotline at 1-888-800-8854. If you have specific questions about the
FrontRunner South project, my contact information is listed below.

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