Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am back...

Sorry I haven't posted for a week by last Thursday (15th) was my wife and I's 10th Anniversary so we took a little trip through Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona to celebrate.

We had the opportunity to ride the famous Durango and Silverton train between those respective towns which was a contrast from Amtrak's Superliners, the Cascade Talgo, and FrontRunner.

Here is a posting from the Overhead Wire about a bill going through Congress on Transportation Funding:

Bill Language Translation

Also, for anyone that still wants proof that turning UTA over to UDOT is a bad idea and could lead to transit funds being stolen for other projects, the Governor of California, you know that actor guy has proposed taking $1 Billion of voter approved moneys and moving into the general fund and then sending some of that funding over to highways. Does anyone really want to give our state legislature that opportunity?

Here are some more articles over the past week:

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Nick Bastian said...

Happy Anniversary.. Sounds like a great trip! Heres to the next ten years...

JMD said...

Thank you and yes it was a great trip.