Friday, May 30, 2008

Pedicabs in Downtown and the surronding area?

Downtown Salt Lake City and the surrounding suburbsImage via WikipediaHere is an article from Xing Columbus and a link to a more thorough article talking about the use of Pedicabs in the downtown Columbus, Ohio area.

When most people think of Pedicabs Japan and China come to mine as big user of Pedicabs. However, pedicabs are slowly being accepted in certain areas around the country. So how about pedicabs in Salt Lake City? With our wide streets Pedicabs would be able to be in the curb lane while automobiles could use the other lanes.

The big benefit of pedicabs is that they are cleaner since they do not have motors plus they offer a unique travel experience. However, some people don't like the Pedicabs especially the automobile cab industry who usually fight against pedicabs including a vicious fight going on in Los Angeles. In New York pedicabs have become too successful and many groups are trying to get them restricted to benefit of the Pedicab opponents.

Pedicabs would make getting around downtown that much easier plus offer a unique Asian influence to the area. Say you just have a nice dinner at one of our nicer independently owned restaurants, you could use one of the pedicabs to get you a the couple of blocks over to the nearest light rail station.

Pedicabs, a another possible piece of our transportation puzzle.


Dave said...

we have them in Kansas City now. there really wasn't much of a fight from the taxi lobby because they were at the table when the enabling legislation was written.

these groups also understand that creating a ped-friendly environment where people aren't tethered to their private cars generally elevates demand for taxi service, eliminating all losses from pedicabs for very short trips (less than a mile).

in short, taxi drivers like long, pricey fares with lots of extra passengers. pedicabs cannot compete with their bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

Check your public records, There was a pedicab business in SLC but was forced out but your city, What a mess. THEY dont want pedicabs. SHAME on your city for forcing out a clean transportation. The horses are ok, but not pedicabs? The city want 3 million in insurance for pedicabs but dont required even regular taxi to have more than 500,000. Your city claims to be green? What a joke Salt Lake. Politics are more important than having clean choises. Not the taxis who created this mess. SLC move forward not backwards.