Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Outdated Technology?

January 29 - Karl Benz patent.Image via WikipediaYou know that old tired argument that certain people who shall remain nameless because they should always use about rail transit being outdated because it is 19th Century technology?

Since there have been so many serious postings lately, I thought it was time to lighten up the mood and here is some great information to the people that use that outdated technology bogus argument.

OK, so when was the first electric rail transit line started? 1891

Your right man that is old technology lets throw it our right? Here is some more really old technology that maybe should be thrown out:

1885: The first automobile patented that used Karl Benz's Otto Gasoline Engine. That's right folks the automobiles are older technology than electric streetcars!! (Picture is of Karl Benz's auto)

1879: Karl Benz patents the two stroke engine.

1823: First internal combustion engine is patented.

1806: First automobile propelled by Hydrogen and Oxygen

Around 1769: The first horseless carriage is developed. That's right the automobile dates back all the way to the 18th Century!!

So there it is folks. The next time you hear someone throws that old tired argument that streetcars are outdated technology, you can ask them if automobiles should be thrown out too because they are OLDER technology.

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