Monday, December 24, 2007

UTA Moving toward Rail...

UTA is moving forward with rail

Article on how UTA is getting ready for major construction on rail lines.

Of course they always have to "balance" the article with someone who is still living in the dark ages and in this case it is Taylorsville mayor Russ Wall. He says he wants a more balanced approach with more roads.

Isn't it interesting that they could be calling for a more balanced approach when for the last 60 the highway men have been in charge?

Maybe Mr. Wall needs to look toward the way his own city is developing and realize that he and his cohorts in city government have created the problems they are facing. Just look at the poorly designed developments from 5400 South to Interstate 15 on Redwood Roads. Once again you have developments that increase traffic congestion not help with it. There is nothing in this area to encourage walking and not taking a car from one store to another.

I also wonder where Mr. Wall thinks that new roads will be built. Should they take tax producing properties and make more roads?

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