Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Transit Related Articles...

UTA begins bus service to ski resorts

Those wasted capital resources start getting there 4 months of work.

Man jumps in front of TRAX; no passengers hurt

You have to feel sorry for the operator of the train as it is something that you will never get over.

Murray celebrates its new development

Lets hope the city of Murray does a better job with this development than they did with the development along 5300 South.

UTA chief has routinely failed

Looks like Drew Chamberlain has crawled from underneath the rock that he should go back under. Lets see, TRAX ridership is not down 30%, and Commuter Rail will provide congestion relief to anyone who uses it just like TRAX. Since he is also trying to get Inglish fired I wonder if he will make a deal with the devil like his buddy Rubin did in Los Angeles and support the Bus Riders Union.

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