Thursday, December 20, 2007

California High Speed Rail...

This is a ten minute video from the California High Speed Rail project. I first saw this video in March at a meeting I attended in Los Angeles.

Is California ready for high speed rail? I personally am an advocate for upgrading the existing passenger train network and not spending the money on high speed. Our biggest problem with current rail passenger service is Amtrak itself. Amtrak has the same problems as many transit systems which fits since it's previous two CEO's were former transit managers.

Europe and Japan only created high speed rail lines when their existing lines went beyond capacity. While me may currently have issues with freight capacity, we do not have an issue with passenger trains being at capacity. However, if the voters of California vote for it then go for it.

I found the link to the video from the Capricious Commuter which is a Bay Area based blog.

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