Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Transit Related Articles

Vote on TRAX route to airport is delayed

Contentious TRAX decision delayed

Interesting that only 12 people showed up to oppose the viaduct. If this was the end of the world for the west side as it has be portrayed to be, you would think that turn out would have been a little higher than this. But then again the Trib articles says "dozens" showed up so which was it?

The decision should not be made on emotions, red herrings like "crime will increase because of the viaduct", or the wants of anti-transit Boyer, it should be what is going to be best for the long term balanced transportation needs of the Salt Lake region.

UTA dipping into cash reserves

Looks like UTA is trying to look like the good guy after several embarrassing public relations blunders over the last few months. How many people knew that UTA was going to cut routes if the tax increase didn't go through because of the food tax cut? I never heard it mentioned, in fact if you look at all the materials from the election, it was a vote for more highway money and that was it.


Silus Grok said...

I was there last night… there were between 12 and 18 people who showed-up last night in favor of the 400 West alignment. Two spoke in favor of the 600 West alignment. And two or three spoke on other issues related to the project (placement of the stations and the like).

Carlton is strongly in favor of the 400 West alignment — the rest I'm not sure of.

JMD said...

Thanks for the update sine I could not make the meeting since I had some other obligations.

What a difference, sounds like the Deseret News was much closer than the Trib. Sounds like one newspaper has an agenda.