Monday, December 03, 2007

Miami Day 5...

My last full day in Miami. Once again my journey today would start the Omni Bus Terminal which is next door to the Omni MetroMover Station.

I decided to catch the first bus heading over to Miami Beach that came along. Yesterday while I was ride the S line I saw several things I would like pictures of so I figured I would head over that way. The first bus to come along happened to be an S so I jumped on board and head back over to Miami Beach. in a commercial are

I got off the bus at 24th Street and took several pictures including of this apartment compex. I walked a few blocks then caught another S bus to take me further north.

This time I got off at 45th Street and took a large number of photographs while walking north. The temperature was actually not that bad so I just continued walking for about an hour. Here are a sample of the pictures I took.

Here is a southbound S bus.
I walked all the way to the Atlantic Heights area before catching another S bus and took it farther north to the Haulover Park area where I got off a took some pictures of the beach area.
I then caught an H bus which I probably would have missed because I couldn't see the bus company but someone else got off and the driver jumped off and started smoking for a few minutes. We then head north and then west over to the Mall at a 163rd.

I needed a new pair of jeans which I purchased at the mall then went to catch the 3 bus. I saw several of these Miami Mini Buses running in this area of Miami and I gather they are operated by and for Haitian Immigrants although anyone can ride.
Next I took the 3 bus down to 135th where I saw a place called Jumbo Buffet yesterday. Yes I still haven't had the Chinese food I have been craving for several days and this provided me the opportunity.

I rarely find a Chinese place that disappoints me but this one did. The restaurant was located half way between two bus stops and since walked north from the previous bus stop I decided to continue walking north to catch the bus.

I barely got out of the restaurant when a southbound 3 came by. This picture shows that bus stopping at the bus stop were I would catch it. This road was way too dangerous for me to attempt to cross and since I was not in a hurray why worry.

Maybe I should have worried? Here is a sign you don't see in Salt Lake City.

The next 3 came along and headed back to the hotel. I decided to stay in the hotel and watch the Nextel Cup race, have some dinner at Burger King before getting ready to catch my flight back to Salt Lake City the next day.


Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal said...

Beautiful Day at least...

Miami Hotels said...

Good Miami pics. I was in vacation in Miami thorough last minute travel before a year. Last day it is really disappointed. But remember, always you come back to next vacation!

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