Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Walkable is your area?

Walk Score

How walkable is your area? This website will calculate how many things are within walking distance of your home so you can see how walkable it is.

The downfall is that it does not have the capabilities to know if there is adequate sidewalks in the area and if there is sever hills or any other obstacles that can hamper walking. It also doesn't take transit access into account.

My place rates a 35 which would be lower taking the sidewalk thing into account. My old apartment in Sandy rates a 51 out of a hundred which doesn't take TRAX being 3 blocks away into account.

My old apartment in Spokane rated the in the high 70's which does not take into account that although there was a bunch of restaurants just a couple of blocks away you had to walk up a hill that was more severe than some of the worst in San Francisco.

See what you come up with...


google_PEAK_OIL said...

I scored a 22 but it should have been worse. The tool incorrectly placed a grocery store and a library much closer to me than they actually were.
I bought my current house before I was peak oil aware. My wife has become attached to our house and garden, and it's an awful time to sell a house. Otherwise I would be moving somewhere that would get a much better score.
Still I can walk to work in 65 minutes, which is less time than a lot of people spend in their auto commutes.

Keep up the good work. I read every post. I would participate more if I had the time.

JMD said...

Thanks for your comments.

I was playing with it again and check my in-laws house. It rates higher than my old apartment in Sandy. They live on Pioneer Road in Draper.

Anyone who would walk from 1300 East to Relationship Street in Draper has a death wish.

Oh well, I guess it's a start but is far from perfect.

Bradley said...

I came in with a 69. I can walk to the pediatrician, dentist, hardware store, restaurants, day-old bread store, city library, city park, and a bus stop within a half mile of my home. I usually take the bus to work, which happens to run from the library across the street right to my office. Living near the heart of a small town is awesome, and this is where the home prices were most reasonable!