Sunday, November 25, 2007

Route Changes...

Picture: the late route 32 at its layover at 3500 East and Bengal just a block from my wife's office that she can longer get to by transit.

Route Changes

It is that magic time again called Route Changes which will take place on December 16th.

There is nothing really earth shattering about the changes but here is some interesting tidbits.

Route 9: The portion along 1100 East is gone and the route will travel directly down 900 East. This restores service along the entire portion of 900 East to 6200 South.

Route 228: Here is the biggest shocker: the route will travel Murray-Holladay Road to 1300 East and then return to Cottonwood Mall just like the old 52. Now who could have expected that? After all, I took bets that the people behind Cottonwood Mall would scream bloody murder because they don't want the bus down their precious little street.

Of course the bad thing is, once UTA starts giving into the NIMBY's, when will it stop?

Route 307 and 320: Guess what? Coordinated every 10-minutes service from Vine to Downtown!! It's about time instead of having the buses on top of each other.

Now what UTA needs to do is dump having separate schedules for the two routes and combine them in one folder since it's a waste of money having two folders. Then show the combine 10-minute service in the schedule. Next promote having every 10-minute service in bold letters on the front of the timetable (of course make it clear that it is during rush hours only reverse commuters SOL).

While full time service still needs to be restored at least this is a step in the right direction to creating more market matrix service.

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