Monday, November 19, 2007

Vision for North Temple

Light rail expansion spurs plans to revamp North Temple into 'grand boulevard'

North Temple needs some help and the bringing of light rail to the street will be a big push in that area. One thing that needs to be watched out for is the dumping of the cost on the light rail project. This happens all the time, politicians will see an opportunity to redevelop an area and the cost of the project get dumped on light rail. This happens all the time and gives fodder to the anti-transit crowd that scream cost increases even though light rail itself is not to blame.

What would be nice instead of gentrification which is the most likely form of redevelopment, is work with the community and businesses to develop the area with locally owned shops and restaurants and make it unique.

Another problem is the Interstate 15 overpass. Freeway overpasses or underpasses always create barriers. One of the things that will have to be worked out is how you make it less of a barrier and make it an asset if you can.

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