Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pike Place Market in Salt Lake?

Pike Place Market
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Some people have mentioned that we need a Pike Place market here in Salt Lake City. We already have a farmers market at certain times but do we need something more?

While I love Pike Place Market and a trip to Seattle is not complete without it, the is a Seattle institution and we should not in any way try to duplicate it.

However, that does not say I do not want a place modeled after Pike Place. We can create our own public market place that but with a Utah character.

Look at what makes Pike Place successful: only locally owned businesses are allowed in it and it focuses on what Seattle is know for. There is other small retailers located in the marketplace but it's big focus is on seafood.

We could create a public marketplace that focuses on products grown and made here in Utah. Not only could it focus on the foods of the area but also the arts of the area. They could give local artist that often don't have a chance to make it into the galleries a place to present their wares all year long.

In addition you could have plenty of room for restaurants that would be locally owned and other retailers.

Another thing that makes Pike Place Market a success that it is very accessible, is pedestrian friendly and close to the heart of downtown. Many people venture over to Pike Place on their lunch hours.

If we tried to duplicate Pike Place it would not work because it is unique to Seattle. However, we can create a place that focuses on Utah owned and grown and make a go of it.


Davis Didjeridu said...

I agree that we should have a Salt Lake version, not a Salt Lake copy, or Pike Place. In my opinion, that's what the Gateway should have been: it was in the perfect location for it, but instead we're stuck with chain stores.

JMD said...

Thank you for your comments.

Your right, Gateway could have been so much more but is way too typical of lifestyle centers. They try to say that they are bringing Main street back back instead it is just a unenclosed mall with high end retailers.

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