Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tram in Strasbourg

Tram in Strasbourg
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Here is a picture of a streetcar in the city of Strasbourg, France.

Notice the beautiful right of way with grass between the tracks, flowers along side the right of way and next to the tram station, and the trees creating a border between the Tram and auto traffic..

Now picture some of the proposals posted here in the past such as trams on 900 South and 400 West. You could have a nice green median trees along the right of way, and of course the flowers. Wouldn't this provide a much better image than the current one along 400 West or 900 South west of 200 East?

What would need to be worked out is who would be responsible for taking car of the right of way but buy using water wise plants, it would make things easier. Some may bulk at the grass due to our climate but there are grasses that use less water or you could even use more natural growth.

Either way, clearly treating the right of way like this on streetcar routes makes it fit more into the fabric of the community, makes the area more pleasant to walk around, and encourages a pedestrian friendly environment.


295bus said...

Also note the almost invisible overhead. Nice!

JMD said...

Thanks for your comment.