Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring Route 611

My proposal to revamp Utah Transit Authority Bus Service.

Route 611:

Route 611 would replace existing route 610 with minor changes.

1. The route will run via 5600 South through Roy instead of 6000 South replacing Route 604 along that portion of 5600 South.

2. The route will then be extended from 5500 South and 5900 West in Hooper via 5900 West/5000 West, Clinton Road, 4500 West, West Point Road, 1000 West, Antelope, 3200 West, Gentile, and Main to the Layton Frontrunner Station.

Frequency: Monday-Friday 30-minute, Saturday 60-minute

Buses: 30-Foot Buses

Replaces route 610 and a portion of route 604.

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