Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring Route 586

My proposal to revamp Utah Transit Authority bus service.

Route 586:

From the Sandy Civic Center TRAX station via Sego Lily, 700 East, and 12300 South to the Draper Central Transit Station. Then via 12300 South, 900 East, Fort Street, 13800 South, Bangerter Highway, and Highland Drive to the Point of the Mountain Transit Station. Then via Highland Drive, Traverse Ridge Road, Eagle Crest Drive, Suncrest Drive, West Field Road, 6000 West, West Field Road/200 North, Main Street, Canyon Crest Road/4800 West/900 East, 1100 East, 7900 North/1100 North, 100 East, Center Street, Main Street, 200 South, 1500 East/400 East, 200 South, 1200 East, and 1600 North/800 East to the Mount Timp. Transit Center. Then via 800 East, 800 South/3700 North, Canyon Road, 2230 North, North Temple, 930 East, Temple View Drive, 900 North, East Campus Drive/North Campus Drive, Bulldog Blvd, Canyon Road, University Avenue, and Eastbay Blvd to 1600 South.

Route will be discontinued north of Draper Central Transit Station once TRAX is extended.

Frequency: Monday-Friday 30-minute, Saturdays 60-minutes

Buses: Cutaway Van Chasis Buses.

Replaces a small portion of Route 850 and the University Avenue stops of 811.

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