Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring Route 607

My proposal to revamp Utah Transit Authority Bus Service.

Route 607:

From the Ogden Transit Center via Wall, 25th, Washington, 24th, 2550 South, Industrial Drive, Midland Drive, 3500 West/Two Mile Road/2000 West, 1700 South/Antelope Drive, and 1200 West/University Park Blvd to the WSU Davis Campus. Then via University Park Blvd/2000 East, Bernard Fisher Highway/3000 North, Fairfield Road, Antelope Drive, and Hill Field Road to the Layton Hills Mall. Then via Hill Field Road, Sugar Street, Gentile Street, and Main to the Layton Frontrunner Station.

Frequency: Monday-Friday 30-Minute, Saturday 60-Minute

Buses: Cutaway Chasis Buses

Replaces: Route 626, and a portion of route 604

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