Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring Route 631 and 632

My proposal to revamp Utah Transit Authority Bus service.

Route 631 and 632:

Route 631 will replace existing 640 service from WSU to Layton Hills Mall. Route will return servicing 1050 West, Ritter Road, and Freeway Park Drive. Route will also use the primary routing via 1000 East in Clearfield. Route will also be extended to the Layton Frontrunner Station via Hillfield Road and State Street. Service will also be extended via Harrison to the Ogden Clinic.

Route 632 will follow the route of 631 and provide alternating service from the Ogden Clinic to 1900 West and Riverdale then via Riverdale, 5200 South, 2200 West, 5600 South, 2700 West, 6000 South, 1500 West, Clinton Road, 1000 West, 200 South, Main, 700 South, 9th Street and Antelope to 1700 West where it will follow the route of the 631 to th Layton Hills Frontrunner station. When the Clearfield Freeport Center is closed will operate via 1000 West and Antelope.

Frequency: Each Route will run Monday-Saturday every 30-minutes. Route 631 will run Sundays every 60-minutes. Routes will provide alternating every 15-minute service along shared portions of the route.

Buses: 30-foot buses.

Replaces Route 640 and the 632 repalces a portion of Route 604.

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