Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring Route 603

My proposal to revamp Utah Transit Authority Bus Service.

Route 603:

From the Ogden Transit Center via Wall, 20th, Harrison, 21st, Fillmore, 29th, Taylor, 32nd, Polk, 36th/Skyline/Country Hills, Harrison, 4600 South, Skyline, Shawdow Valley Drive, Harrison, Combe Road, Wasatch, Eastwood, Combe, US 89, 6600 South/Cottonwood, 475 East/Adams, Washington, 5000 South, 300 West, 4700 South, Washington, 4475 South, Jefferson, 40th, and Wall to the Ogden Transit Center.

Frequency: Clockwise and Counterclockwise Loop, Monday-Friday 30-minutes both directions, Saturday 60-minutes both directions, Sundays 60-minutes clockwise.

Buses: Cutaway Van Chasis Buses.

Replaces a small portion of Route 612.

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