Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring Route 900

My proposed restructuring of Utah Transit Authority Bus Service.

The 900 series routes will be shuttle routes such as a downtown shuttle or routes that will circulate through communities.

Route 900:

From the Intermodal Depot via 600 West, 200 South, 300 West, 400 North, 200 West, North Temple, Main Street/Columbus Street, 500 North, East Capital Blvd/Panther Way, State Street (buses traveling other direction will use State, Panther, Main Street), South Temple, West Temple, 100 South, Main Street, 800 South, 200 East, 400 South, 300 West, 200 South, and 600 West back to the Intermodal Depot.

Buses: UTA should buy some Trolley Replica buses like the ones that where purchased in '81 and saw limited service in a toursit loop for many summers.

Another Note: Even though this route does go out of the borders of the fare free zone (but only a couple of blocks in any direction) this route should not collect fares.

Frequency: Monday-Friday 10-minutes, Saturdays-Sundays 15-minutes.

Replaces: Route 23.

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