Friday, May 19, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring-Route 450

My proposed restructuring of Utah Transit Authority bus service.

Route 450:

From the Intermodal Depot via 600 West, 200 South, University Drive, South Campus Drive, Wasatch Drive, Foothill Drive, I-80/I-215, 3300 South and Wastch Blvd to the Wastach Transit Center. Then via Wasatch, 3900 South, I-215, 6200 South and 3000 East to the Transit Center at Cottonwood Corporate. Then via 3000 East, 6200 South, I-215, I-80, 5300 South, and Cottonwood to the Murray Central TRAX station. Then via Cottonwood, 5300 South, I-80, I-215, 4500 South, 2200 West, 3900 South, and 2700 West to the West Valley Transit Center. Then via 2700 West, 3500 South, I-215, I-80 and Bangerter Highway to the SLC. Then via Bangerter Highway, I-80, I-215/I-15 and 500 South to the Woods Cross Commuter Rail Station. Then via 500 South, Medical Drive, 400 East, and West Center to Main Street.

Stops: All fare free zone stops, 500 East, University Drive/200 South, Business Loop, Wasatch/Foothill, Foothill/1300 East, Wasatch Transit Center, Transit Center at Cottonwood Corporate, Murray Centeral TRAX station, SLCC, West Valley Transit Center, SLC, Woods Cross Commuter Rail, 200 West, Main Street, Orchard Drive, and the Davis County Hospital.

Frequency: Monday-Saturday 30-minute, Sunday 60-minute

Buses Used: 40-foot Commuter Cruisers

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