Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring-Route 404

My proposal to revamp Utah Transit Authority bus service.

Route 404:

From the Intermodal Depot via 600 West, 200 South, 300 South, North Temple, State Street, 500 South/600 South, I-15, I-80, I-215, 3300 South and Wasatch Drive to the Wasatch Transit Center. Then via Wasatch, 3900 South, I-215, 6200 South and 3000 East to the Transit Center at the Cottonwood Corporate. Then via 3000 East, 6200 South/Wasatch, and 1700 East/Draper Parkway to the Draper Central TRAX station.

Stops: Will make all downtown stops then Wasatch Transit Center, The Transit Center at Cottonwood Corporate, Big Cottonwood Canyon Park and Ride, 3500 East, 9400 South, Deer Hollow Drive, Oak Grove Drive, Highland Drive, 1700 East/Wasatch, and Draper Parkway/1300 East.

Frequency: 4 Morning Inbound, 4 Afternoon Outbound. Should arrive at 30-minute intervals from 7:00AM to 9:00AM. Depart downtown at 30-minute intervals from 4:30Pm to 6:30PM. Additional service to be added when ridership builds.

Buses: 40-foot Suburban buses.

Replaces: All new service.

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