Saturday, May 13, 2006

County Employee Blocking bus stop

Yesterday I walked to Murray-Holladay Road and 1300 East to catch the southbound 13 bus to work. At that corner there is a Mountain America Credit Union that is doing some construction work on their drive through.

Yesterday, a county employee driving a Ford Escape with county pool number 18413 pulled up and parked right in front of the bus stop while he went over to inspect the work being done. All this guy had to do was pull past the driveway and he wouldn't be blocking anything. I don't know if he was too caugth up in his own self importance to realize he was blocking a bus stop, or was just too lazy to walk a few feet farther, but either way he blocked a bus stop and could have caused major issues if a senior citizen or someone physically challenged would have been trying to catch the bus.

I will sent a letter off to the county but expect little to happen to this guy. Why can't people be more considerate?

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