Thursday, March 09, 2006

UTA unveils 'FrontRunner'

UTA unveils 'FrontRunner'

While the name does not bother me that much after all it will traveling along the Wasatch Front so Front Runner does make some sense (but not a whole lot), all you have to do is look at the group put together to come up with a name. Why in the world would you put a group of Engineers and Marketing people together to come up with a name? Also, how much where they overpaid to come up with a name?

Transit agencies are famous for overpaying for this kind of stuff. In 1980 when the Southern California Rapid Transit District was looking for a new logo they paid someone something like $600,000 to come up with a logo and it look like he took the Philadelphia transit system logo put to pieces on it and said you where supposed to see the arrows inside.

It would have created more interest in the community to hold a contest to come up with a name for the new system. Not only would have it cost less but it would probably be better than the name that was chosen.

"I taking TRAX" rolls of the tounge, "I taking Frontrunner!" just doesn't work the same.

Then there was the comment about people thinking TRAX and UTA where not related. Lets see, same ugly paint scheme that was the product of another goverment project, and the UTA logos. Maybe its the fact that a ton of people ride TRAX but the buses suffer from not enough passengers (on many routes), or is it the fact that TRAX cost so much less to operate per passenger mile (of course that also can be attributed to number of riders on the buses).

The truth is the only problem is the current poor state of the bus system operated by UTA. Changes need to happen to make the system more usefull and friendly to use. Then there would be no confusion about the system.

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