Monday, March 13, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring-Route 36

My proposal to revampl Utah Transit Authority Bus Service

Route 36:

From Intermodal Depot via 600 West, 200 South, 400 West, 400 South, State Street, North Temple, Redwood Road, 10600 South, through Southtowne Mall, and 10000 South to the Sandy Civic Center TRAX station.

Special Note: Yes this is the same as what UTA proposed in their bus cuts by my proposal continues service to Riverton which the UTA is going to cut.

Frequency: Monday-Friday: 30-Minute Saturday and Sundays: 60-Minute

Route will provide coordinated every 10-minute service from Downtown to North Temple and Redwood in conjunction with routes 3, 37, and 50.
Will provide coordinated every 15-minute service along Redwood Road in conjuction with route 37.
Will provide coordinated every 5-10 minute service from Sandy Civic Center TRAX station to Southtowne Mall in conjuction with multiple lines.

Buses: 40-Foot Buses. Eventually 60-Foot Articulated buses will be needed along this corridor.

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