Thursday, March 30, 2006

Deseret News Letter to the Editor

Here is a letter to the editor in today's Deseret News. Although they have it wrong, as the tax increase will build light rail lines, they are right in the fact that UTA is cutting its own throat by treating bus service as a second class citizen.

Bring back Sandy bus service

I have lived in the Sandy area long enough to have been a very active participant in voting for and encouraging nonvoters to vote for a tax increase to fund the Utah Transit Authority's drive to get bus service started in the Salt Lake Valley. I've watched it grow to serve neighborhoods in Sandy. I now regret having helped in any way, because I see bus service totally pulled out of the same neighborhoods where I stumped for votes.
Many who grew dependent on the service are now unable to get any service. Taxes continue, the service is gone. East to west travel is impossible for people with disabilities. Now UTA wants us to increase our taxes to fund a line north to Ogden.
I will encourage every former bus rider in Sandy and elsewhere to vote no until this promised service is restored. Val Evans

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