Monday, March 06, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring-Route 27

Route 27:

From the Intermodal Depot via 600 West, 200 South, 300 West, State Street and Vine to the Murray Central TRAX station. Then via Vine, State, and 7720 South to the Midvale Center TRAX station. Then via 7720 South, Main/700 East, Sandy Parkway, and 10000 South to the Sandy Civic Center TRAX station.

Route will replace portions of Routes 22 and 27.

Route Frequency: Monday-Saturday 30-minute service. Will provide alternating 15-minute service in conjunction with route 26 from the Intermodal depot to 7720 South and State Street.

Buses Used: 60-Foot Articulated Buses

Route will be part of the Bus Route Enhancement Program

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