Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Proposed UTA Restructuring-Route 33

Proposed Restructuring of Utah Transit Authority Bus Service.

Route 33:

Route 33 will run in a loop covering West Salt Lake City. From the Intermodal Depot via 600
West, 200 South, State Street, 900 South, West Temple, and 1300 South to the Ballpark TRAX station. Then via 1300 South, Montgomery, Glendale, Illinois, Emery, Mead, Navajo, Indiana, Aparapahoe, Cheyenne, 500 South, Redwood Road, 400 South, Cheyenne, 200 South and 600 West to the Intermodal Depot.

Frequency: Monday-Friday: 30-Minute, Saturday: 60-Minute

Buses: 30-Foot Buses

Replaces routes 16 and 17

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