Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New TRAX cars debut

While I have not had the opportunity to ride these cars yet (San Diego and Portland use them), I have heard good things about these from people in the Portland area. The down falls of low floor buses don't seem to apply to low floor rail vehicles. Sadly I will not be able to make this debut on Friday.

UTA to Debut New Light Rail Vehicles

What: UTA will introduce its new S70 light rail vehicles with an inaugural public ride on a new section of the Mid-Jordan TRAX line.

When: Friday, June 18, 10 a.m.

Where: 5600 West park and ride lot, Mid-Jordan TRAX line

5651 West Old Bingham Highway, West Jordan

Directions: Go west on 9000 South to 4800 West, then south to Old Bingham Highway and west to 5600 West

More Info:

· UTA has ordered 77 new light rail vehicles for its four new light rail lines: Airport, Draper, Mid-Jordan and West Valley

· New vehicles began arriving in March and are being tested on the newly completed Daybreak section of the Mid-Jordan TRAX line

· S70 light rail vehicles have low floors for platform-level boarding

· Doorways have deployable boarding ramps for greater accessibility

· The new vehicles are expected to first enter service in 2011


Steven Vance said...

I like this model over the one Portland uses. It seems the sloping ends of Portland's S70 is an inefficient use of space.

I also think the inside design is bulky and has too much plastic/fiberglass. It gets in the way of a couple seats.

See here:

Gordon Werner said...

These new LRVs (same general front-end as Charlotte and San Diego) look 1000% better than Houston and Portland's versions. I hate the oversized cab look on those rail system's LRVs.