Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bus Changes for Front Runner

Tri-Rail Commuter Train
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UTA Public Hearing Information

Information on Proposed Changes

UTA is proposing bus changes in Davis/Weber Counties for Front Runner commuter service.

I am surprised they are not making more changes but then again those counties don't have that much service anyway. However why are they not changing the 612, 613, 626, 627, 470 and other routes to service the commuter rail stations better?

Now onto my comments on the changes:

604/610/640 in Roy-While I hate to see bus service routes cut, I think the changes will cover existing service the best way possible. I have ridden all these routes multiple times and the route changes do cover were the ridership is. The times I have ridden the outer ends of the 610 there was been 0 riders. The big problem here is that the route ends before the big development areas.

Once everything settles down it would be nice to see a flex route cover the section of 5500 South out to the new developments and connect with the Commuter Rail route.

Also the modifications to the 640 in the Clearfield area will eliminate some duplication but service the areas were the ridership is.

Also don't be surprised if you see more cuts to 472 once FrontRunner is operating for a period of time. This would be a good time for UTA to add more service along the US 89 Corridor and connect into the FrontRunner at Farmington.


google_PEAK_OIL said...

The realignment of the 640 will bring an end to my bus commuter days. The one mile leg of the 640 on 300 North allowed me to ride the bus for one mile of the three and a half it takes to walk to work. Now I've gotta walk the whole way. I was at the Clearfield city hall open house last night filling out the little card to whine about it. As if it really mattered.

JMD said...

I am surprised that section of the 640 has lasted that long. They have been trying to cut it for a few years. That area is another area that would greatly benefit by having Denver style Call A Ride service.