Tuesday, February 26, 2008

HousePanel OK's UTA Bill

House panel OKs UTA oversight bill

Here is a surprise to no one. A House Panel has passed the bill that gives the state more control over the Utah Transit Authority. Once again the misguided efforts of the Anti-Hunger Coalition that sees the state as their savior is going to cost them in the long run.

Just look at the two people who are pushing this bill.

First you have Wayne Harper out of West Jordan (what is it about West Jordan?), who has in years past tried over and over to have the state take over operation of UTA and thus steal the sales tax money approved for TRAX and move it to roads.

The other person pushing this is Senator Sheldon Killpack who is also shown to be anti-transit and looking to raid the UTA of funds to give to highways (even though all the TRAX money would only be a drop in the bucket).

Clearly neither of these two men have transit in their best interest.

I am sure that once the raiding begins Bill Tibbets and his gang of yellow shirts from the Anti-Hunger Coalition will take none of the blame and wonder were the money has gone and scream up a storm.

Once again as in the issue with the airport TRAX line, it is just amazing how it seems OK in this state for our state legislature to raid the funds of and reduce the power of local government, to take away the voting rights of citizens, and yet the people continue to vote for the clowns. Whatever happened to local control?


theorris said...

I have written to my representative asking for her opposition to this misguided legislation. Hopefully she won't be fooled. You can find my letter to her on my blog signifyingnothing.com.

JMD said...

Good job on sending them a letter and trying to stop this legislation. My representative never responds to mail but I try.