Friday, February 22, 2008

Bluffdale still has their head in the sand

Tri-Rail Commuter train
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Bluffdale Council shuns rail stop

Well it seems that our friends in Bluffdale still have their heads in the sand. Apparently they feel that if they just ignore the growth it will just magically not come to their little slice of paradise.

Instead of doing things will help their residents, that will provide them freedom from having to drive every where that rather force all of their residents to drive and not have any options. A Frontrunner commuter rail stop would give the residents options they do not have now except for their extremely limited bus service.

Clearly no matter how hard they try, growth is heading their way. It is better to deal with it, make some good planning decisions than just pretend it is not happening and think somehow it will pass you by.

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oussan said...

I have to commute through Bluffdale every day, and will likely do so for another decade. Growth is already taking place there, and I dread the day that they finally start installing more traffic signals on Camp Williams Road (Redwood). My commute will lengthen significantly with each new light.

That being said, Bluffdale's lack of bus service is in my opinion a more serious problem than whether or not the city builds a commuter rail station. In particular, I'm not aware of any bus service connecting Bluffdale to Lehi/Saratoga Springs. This should get more attention.