Monday, May 14, 2007

UTA bike ride in Provo....

UTA plans bike ride with Provo's mayor

Wow, UTA is putting on a bike ride in Provo to celebrate National Bike Month.

I am sure that UTA people will be out handing out promotional things, but of the UTA big wigs planning to attend the event, do you think any of them will actually take their buses down to the event? If John Inglish or any of the other big wigs are attending they should ride the 811 down to the event and hopefully get one of the crappy wrapped buses. (Of course they would probably end up getting a commuter cruiser of the bus division's management knows the big wigs will be riding).

UTA management needs to be on the bus more to see what is happening with the system they are in charge of.

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Nicole said...

Hey, I just wanted to say hey. Getting into the fray of transit discussion as well,

anyways... it's cool to see another transit utah blog.