Thursday, May 24, 2007

Changes in Bus System Approved, Suprise, Suprise, Suprise

UTA revises its bus-system redesign

I will comment in the next couple of days about some of the changes they have made which some are good, some are OK, some are bad, some are really bad.

Right now I want to comment on the board meeting.

First of all, it seems that the impression that the board was trying to get across to their customers was: you had your information meetings to talk about the changes, don't bug us about them we already made up our mines.

While I will complement the chairman for actually going through the audience and greeting everyone that was there, I would have to say that the general tone of the meeting was one of scolding the children for talking back.

Then we had three of the members lecture us on how they know the bus system and do ride it. The first guy to talk told us how he was dependent of the bus when he went to the U. I thought to myself: looking at you I would guess that was twenty to thirty years ago, how does not apply to today? Then he told us how his area was getting bus service for the first time. Interesting he said he was on the west side but there is little new service there except for the capital wasting fast buses but they are primarily traveling down routes that have service and the new route along 6200 south but for the most part the area still has service now. So I question the sincerity of his comments.

The third board member try to chastise everyone for thinking that the board is made up of rich people in their Mercedes. She saids her family does take the bus and knows the system. Then the chairman mentioned that he has two daughters with MS and another in a wheelchair but he said he could not let personal feelings affect his decision.

After all the talk they went ahead and approved the fare increase and the changes.

I still say the Board of Trustees needs to be revamped. The board needs representation from labor and from the riders. Then maybe people will start having more faith in the board. Well, maybe.