Monday, May 21, 2007

Transit Oriented Editorial

Don't dismantle UTA

Good editorial from the Deseret News opposing the bill by Rep. Harper of West Jordan that would help kill TRAX expansion.

UTA needs a wake-up call

Then there is this letter to editor in today's Deseret News. This guy does get one thing right, it would put the brakes on UTA and kill off all transit expansion. Would he rather have UTA in the hands of people who would like to eliminate most service? Apparently so.


Nicole said...

Are you planning on making it to the board meeting tomorrow at 3600 S and 700 w at 2:30? I'm sure you'd have an interesting addition to the public comment period as the board votes on the changes.

JMD said...

Yes, Nicole I will be there, had to rearrange my schedule but this might be fun!!